Tips for parents

1) Daily you should check your child's home work and should ask them to explain to you what they did, this helps to reinforce the concepts which they have learn

2) Daily you should spend maximum time with the child in teaching and learning task and Behaviour.

3) If the child gets success in any activity, you should celebrate your child's success; It will help self esteem and self confidence.

4) You should observe the child when he does the activity and give the maximum support to achieve the task.

5) You should involve the children with every activity indoor activity or out-door activity

6) We provide in our services-special education, workshops, seminars thoughtfully deigned to meet the needs of all the special children.

7) The development of a challenged child depends upon right from the qualified professionals to the custodian of the children. Only with the collective effort, it is possible.

8) To have such a dedicated, hardworking and sincere teaching staff and professionals is indeed a privilage. They are born to the Institute.

9) Our heart-felt thanks are to the devoted staff responsible for every progress we make.

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