Our Professional Team

The development of a challenged child depends upon right from the qualified professionals to the custodian of the children. Only with the collective effort, it is possible.

To have such a dedicated, hardworking and sincere teaching staff and professionals is indeed a privilage.They are God's gifts.

Our heart-felt thanks are to the devoted staff responsible for every progress we make.

Our ConsultantOur Fulltime Consultants
Dept. of Phychiatry

Mr. V.George Reddy
Consultnat Neuro Psychiatrist
Behavioural Physician
Ex-Consultnat (NIMH)

- Indian Association of Private Psychiatry (TS)

- TS Private Psychiatry Hospitals & Nursing Home

  Past President
- Hyderabad Psychaiatric Society

  Founder & Past Gen. Sec
- Indian Psychaiatric Society
Dept. of Occupational & Sensory Integration Therapies

Mr. Sushil Kumar

Dept. of Speech Therapy
Ms. S. Subashini

Speech trainer
Ms. R. Jayasri (MBA)

Dept of Physio Therapy & Early Intervention

Dept of Special education

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