Management - Behaviour Modification

Behaviour Management and intervention are defined as all those actions to enhance the probability that children, individually and groups will develop effective behaviour that are personally fulfilling and socially accepted.

Nearly 50 - 60% of children with special needs have behaviour problems. Presence of behaviour problems is known to produce great amount of stress and management difficulties to parents and other family members.

To call particular behaviour as problematic or not is generally very subjective. As some parents may tend to tolerate lot of bad behaviour in their children which infact is not advisable as these can be modified. The following aspects of behaviour could help parents in taking decision to change behaviour in their child.

  • If the problem behaviours are occuring too frequently.
  • If it occurs for a long duration.
  • If it is too severe
  • If it interferes in the learning process
  • If it is socially unacceptable
  • If it is harmful to child himself.
  • If it produces distunbance or harm to others.
Even if one of the above aspects is found applicable to the child's behaviour, it is indicative that the child's behaviour requires modification.

Behaviour Modification technology involves behavioural methods to both increase desirable behaviours and or decrease undesirable behaviours in individuals. These methods are based on learning principles from the field of psychology.

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